1. All data marketing campaigns are to be used within the terms of the Licence agreed.
  2. The buyer agrees to reasonable use of the list. Reasonable is defined as one email broadcast per month average, one fax broadcast per month average, one telephone call per month average. This does not apply if the prospect engages in a positive way with the client.
  3. The buyer takes on the technical aspects and responsibilities associated with sending emails.
  4. The list may be used within 12 months of purchase, and not beyond (a discounted re-purchase reminder will be sent out via email within 21 days of expiry).
  5. The uses of data supplied is subject to the Licencee ensuring that any such use shall conform to our Terms and Conditions.
  6. Data must not be released to a Third Party.
  7. Upon expiry of the Licence, the Licensee agrees to delete data from any storage
  8. Under no circumstances must the data be reproduced, copied, or transferred to a third party, or be used to benefit any third party including any business, company or entity associated with the Licencee unless previously agreed in writing by Premium Lists.
  9. Attention is drawn to the fact that Premium Lists shall not be liable for any claim arising out of inappropriate or unauthorised use of the data, including spamming. Premium Lists will not be held responsible or liable for any breach of legislation and resulting prosecution.
  10. Premium Lists does not guarantee the accuracy of the data provided.
  11. Premium Lists shall not be liable for direct or indirect loss, consequential loss or loss of profits suffered by the user of email addresses supplied by Premium Lists for any reason whatsoever.
  12. The data will contain a quantity of seed names, which will be monitored to detect unauthorised usage, resale, re-use or copying and modification in part or in whole.
  13. If unauthorised usage is detected, the licensee agrees to pay 5 additional licences and to delete the data held.
  14. Once data is delivered, no refunds will be provided in any circumstances.
  15. Orders cancelled following delivery will be subject to the full invoice value regardless as to whether the Licencee has used the data or not.
  16. Orders cancelled following payment and before delivery will be refunded in full.