Sending Bulk Emails

Several list companies sell email lists and offer to send emails without giving any consideration to the pitfalls of bulk emails leaving a domains mailbox. Many IPS’s (Internet Service Providers) or domain hosts have strict rules on sending emails, particularly if spamming is suspected. If you are thinking about sending a bought list via Mailchimp, ConstantContact, Vertical Response etc you will find that an large imported list will get banned almost immediately (thanks to large numbers of spam complaints and high bounce rates).

If you purchase our list you can rest assured that the data is as fresh as it can be. It is your responsibility to send the emails.

The best way to send our list is to send small blocks of emails over time. This has the advantage of not falling foul of your ISP or domain host, plus you will be able to manage the responses better. Also, the smaller the blocks of emails, the greater your ability to tailor the message. Another great strategy would be to use our list to make marketing approaches (email, SMS, direct mail, fax, telephone) in order for them to join your regular mailing list. Mailchimp is an excellent email/CRM system that you can use to send out beautifully crafted emails to opted-in subscribers.

Using Outlook or your email client to send bulk emails

Please don’t use your conventional email client to send bulk emails. It would be pure madness to cc or bcc the email addresses into an email message. You could be doing more harm than you realise:

  • Blacklists – you run the risk of having your domain blacklisted as a spammer. That means not even your work emails will go through until you get un-blacklisted.
  • SPAM – this is a serious issue. Over recent years many tools have been created in an attempt to combat it. Disgruntled recipients can now report any email they receive as ‘SPAM’, which results in your IP address being blacklisted. Therefore, if you send email from Outlook you are at greater risk of being reported.
  • Server Load – Outlook is a great programme for sending and receiving individual emails. However, it is not designed for sending large bulk email campaigns. If you compose an email to 1000 people using Outlook, as soon as you press send, Outlook will be strenuous work for the server which handles your incoming and outgoing email, and if you do this too often, your ISP will get annoyed.

e-Newsletter (If you have a WordPress website)

The e-Newsletter plugin from WPMUdev allows you to import names and email addresses into your WordPress system. You need to add the details of your SMTP server (the server that sends your mail) and you can then quickly create a nice email using several of the pre-installed templates.

The plugin has a very nice import feature where you can import a .csv file (a simple text file containing your data).

The benefit of using this type of plugin (there are others) is that you control the sending of the emails. You can also batch then and send them at timed intervals (via CRON which is is the time-based job scheduler within WordPress). The e-Newsletter plugin still uses your domains SMTP server to send. The best thing to do is to set up a specific email address such as ‘’.


Desktop based bulk email senders

There are a number of software systems out there that are capable of bulk email sending. Please remember that these will use your existing domain email settings to send, so it’s vital that you are aware of spam issues and your ISP’s restrictions. Remember that the best way to send our list is to send small blocks of emails over time.

  • Sendblaster
    SendBlaster is a bulk email software for managing your mailing list. Now you can get the same results and functionalities avoiding expensive web based services and managing your own email marketing campaign using a desktop bulk email software.
  • Epostmailer
    ePostMailer, is a Windows based email marketing software, a mass email marketing program and a bulk emailer. It is intended for easy and convenient sending of email newsletters to large mailing lists, without incurring any recurring fees or monthly charges. ePostMailer works on Microsoft Windows.
  • Email Spider
    Email Spider is not for the faint-hearted, but one interesting aspect of the software is the email sending ability (text and HTML). You can also import a large list as csv file. You can set the software to emulate Outlook and send an email every few seconds.
  • There are lots of software solutions out there for handling the sending of bulk emails. We can advise.

Great care must be taken when using email as a delivery mechanism. Email marketing can generate lots of leads but it must be used responsibly. Our lists are supplied under a ‘reasonable use’ proviso and we will not sell our list to clients we feel will abuse the list (eg sending multiple, repeat, pest emails).