Email Marketing Tips

It’s not just about buying a list and hoping the orders will flood in (although this could happen!).  Businesses on the internet will feel the full force of your marketing activities if you:-

  1. Think about your emails…
    1. Create a catchy email subject.
    2. Provide your prospects with relevant content using a well worded email.
    3. Use clear ‘call to actions‘.
    4. Link to more relevant content on your website.
    5. Accompany links with concise statements.
    6. Add images (not too many).
    7. Send them around 2.30pm – 4pm.
  2. Think about your website. You’ve done the hard work getting the click, now…
    1. Land them on the correct pages.
    2. Entice them to sign up for a newsletter or give them something (a trial, coupon or special offer).
    3. Make sure you have strong ‘call to action’ messages on every page.
    4. Make sure your visitors can see a telephone number and can easily find your address.
    5. Make sure you are using Google analytics and also set analytics goals.
    6. Constantly improve your website to increase conversions.