Sending Large Numbers Of Emails Using Your Current Email Client

I’ve just come across a really nifty method of sending out emails using your current email client (Outlook, Mac, Googlemail, Thunderbird etc).

Scenario……  You want to send out a couple of hundred emails (all the same, perhaps with a few tweaks), how do you do it? Well, BCC’ing or CC’ing everyone is certainly a no-no.  Here is my method…

  1. Paste the message you want to send into the email signature of your email client (some do restict the size)
  2. Save the signature
  3. Click on the email address you want to send to (our list come in spreadsheet format, so clicking an email link will open up your email client).
  4. The email client will pop up a ‘new email’ box with the address ready to go PLUS the message copy.
  5. The only thing you need to do is add a subject and click send.

You can even add the subject automatically to make sending even faster…. Here’s how:

  1. Change the email address to include:
    <a href=” is the email subject”></a>
  2. The email client pops up with the email subject already filled in!!!

Excel has a function called COCATENATE and you can use it to take a long list of email addresses and add the code above. Here’s how to do it…….

  1. Assuming that the email address ( is in cell A1.
  2. In cell B1, type:   <a href=”mailto:
  3. In cell C1, type:   ?subject=This is the email subject”>
    (obviously change the subject to your own!!)
  4. In cell D1, type:  </a>
  5. In cell E1, type in the following…..
  6. The formula above will weld together the terms into a line of HTML
  7. Copy and paste this formula downwards to include all the email addresses in column A
  8. I copied the excel column E and pasted it into a webpage and previewed it (some spreadsheet will make the email address clickable with just is the email subject    so you might need to play around.

The above steps seem tricky but is actually rather simple…… you can generate a big list of clickable email addresses that will open up an email client with the SUBJECT and the COPY TEXT already to go!  You could send out 20-30 emails a minute using this method (you just need to hit the send button on each pop up email client.  I would personally recommend using this method and slightly tailoring (personalising) each email subject; this is because the more personalised email subjects will get through better (better open rates). It will slow down the send but be much more effective.

If you buy one of our lists, we can easily add this ‘mailto: cheat’ and the  ‘subject line’ of your choice into the workbook. The email addresses will then become clickable.





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