Our Lists Have Unique Social Media Data

Our 15,000 hotel list contains: Hotel name, Hotel address (including postcode), Website address, Email address, Telephone number, Hotel size (number of bedrooms) and Hotel facilities (features include the presence of: restaurants + number of covers, parking, swimming pool, spa, gym, meeting rooms, wedding venue, business centre, elevators, in-house laundry and more….). Fax number, Twitter address, Facebook address, Linkedin address and Trip Advisor address are included when present.

  • Quarterly updates included.
  • Delivered as an Excel spreadsheet & csv file.

The current hotel listings are as follows….

(14,500 web addresses, 14,000 email addresses, 5,100 Twitter URLs, 10,900 Facebook URLs, 1,750 Linkedin URLs & 14,200 Trip Advisor URLs)

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